Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sculpting, My New Found Love

Here is the beginning of my very first sculpture. I am having so much fun learning how to do it and its becoming very addicting fast. I will definitely be doing more. This one is being done with oil clay and if it turns out I will be able to cast it into something harder and unbreakable.
I only have been able to work on it 3 hours a week with a live model. It's quite challenging to capture what is in front of you and mold it. There are so many new things I am learning about the figure.  

I even have a little sculptor in the family. Jury has begged me for quite awhile to teach him how so tonight we started on his project. I  think he really likes it!

 Jury has always been the one drawing and painting and finding things in the garage to make 3D sculptures out of. I'm happy that he has found something he enjoys so much. He says he needs to learn sculpting
because he wants to be a plastic surgeon. I think this is a great place to start. 
and the girls were content eating Mcdonalds tonight. I never let them eat there and so they were so happy when I caved in!


  1. Love their hats! Sculpting looks like fun. Mimi

  2. Way to go JURY!! It is amazing what kids are capable of these days....they are amazing!!! Keep encouraging him I bet you will be floored what he can do!! LOVE those little girls too!! Doesn't take much to please them!! They are so funny....LOVE the Happy MeaL headwear!

  3. AWESOME!! way to go!! I love life drawing, I imagine life sculpting is just as satisfying, probably more so!