Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving Day

Packing up and getting ready to move into my new studio.... It is getting its last coat of paint put on right this minute. Yay!
Had to clean off my 8.5 ft. palette that is coming with me.
Took me forever! I need to learn to clean as I go because
 dried oil paint does not cooperate well. Neither do hard brushes.

Old Paint???? they say you should throw them out....but I just can't.
I will have to find someway to use them. Maybe a cool sculpture, or abstract painting?

My husband is so happy just thinking of all the new space he will have in the garage once my stuff is out of there! Wonder what he plans to do with it.
Isn't it amazing how much we can accumulate? I kind of get attached to my Art stuff even though it might not be usable anymore. 
Sometimes I think I need an Intervention.