Monday, February 1, 2010

An Adventurous Quick & Cold Photo Shoot !

So tonight I grabbed my husband and forced him back into the truck after his hard days work to go out on a quick photo shoot with me.
I had driven past this farm for years on my way home and had heard that all these animals had been rescued and cared for by one lady. I decided to stop in tonight and happened to catch her son and he graciously let me in to take pictures! WHoo hoo! Thank you! Thank you!
I laughed the whole time because they were all so curious and just stared at me as they followed me around in a group. Have you ever seen such a thing?
One of the main reasons I went is because I knew they had a Llama.
 Well meet Harmony the llama. She/He walked right up to me and stuck its nose right to my cheek and blew out air. Haha. The owner said that is how it greets people. Well now that I know.... I will have to blow back! and yes this chicken was there but I totally photoshopped it onto the llamas back...A little trick I just learned.

I even got Poo face and Casin the Alpacas to come out for their photo shoot. I just want to hug their cute furry bodies.
and yes I even stepped in Horse feces (thank you Lisa for my new expanded vocabulary :) and goat,chicken,goose,dog,llama feces as well.... forever ruining my new running shoes, but It was all in the name of ART!!! I must Create under any circumstance!!!