Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Studio Coming Along....

and I am LOVING all the silver! It has proved to be such a diverse color that energetically reflects every color it sees and compliments things very well. I'm interested to see if my painting style changes because of it.

Finally got to put up my custom made easel, it only took 2 hours to figure out how to build it. Who knew a doctor could put it together too!

Now I'm thinking furniture.....Zebra Rug, Contemporary couch maybe wrapped in plastic.
and definitely a place to take afternoon naps on!

Biggest problem: figuring out what NOT to put in.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving Day

Packing up and getting ready to move into my new studio.... It is getting its last coat of paint put on right this minute. Yay!
Had to clean off my 8.5 ft. palette that is coming with me.
Took me forever! I need to learn to clean as I go because
 dried oil paint does not cooperate well. Neither do hard brushes.

Old Paint???? they say you should throw them out....but I just can't.
I will have to find someway to use them. Maybe a cool sculpture, or abstract painting?

My husband is so happy just thinking of all the new space he will have in the garage once my stuff is out of there! Wonder what he plans to do with it.
Isn't it amazing how much we can accumulate? I kind of get attached to my Art stuff even though it might not be usable anymore. 
Sometimes I think I need an Intervention.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Doug Braithwaite Painting Workshop 2010

Ok, for all you that commented on my last post of what I was doing behind that building.....(haha)...YOu were all wrong :) I Just returned from a fantastic week long, plein-air painting trip with Artist Doug Braithwaite in Helper, Utah.
Here is the studio that was available to stay in down there, and that we also worked out of. It was a HUGE space, the whole upstairs had a ton of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen/living space. Perfect place to work in and relax! Seriously.....Does it get any better??!!!
Did I forget to mention its located right on Main Street....

 Main street was my favorite place to paint, I loved the old feeling of it, the old signs, buildings and especially the unique people walking by and stopping to talk. It felt like I was in the movies.
We spent all day painting in different locations around town and outside of town.

This is my plein air painting set up...I brought down the Easy L easel, loved it...its
lightweight, easy to set up and I will never go back to my old heavy one again. In fact I'm seriously considering burning it, no Artist should be weighed down with that thing!
This was up in the mountains and Im painting rocks if you can't tell... Obviously not my favorite subject in the world to paint..It provoked quite the challenge.
However, we did find a cool parking lot in one of the towns across from this great little house. I found this alot more interesting to paint.
We spent the majority of our time working on Value studies, how light and dark the subject was. Washing things in, and getting the drawing and composition right before we even picked up color. I liked this method alot, it helped me feel more in control of the painting and slowed me down. Which is a good thing.

Some of my painting friends, Lynn and Steve watching Doug do a demo behind the studio. (See....No nude male models that can't find their way home. haha.)

Doug painting
I was pretty impressed with Helper, Utah. I'm not much of a small town loving girl, but I fell in love with it here. I also felt like I had some major breakthroughs this week with my painting and gained some great tools to use in the future. Doug has a way of teaching that is understandable, and he simplifies things down so that you get it. Now its all about applying it!
To check out some of Doug's work that inspires me so much check out his blog at
He offers workshops throughout the year, and I definitely plan on attending again next year.
This has probably been one of the BEST workshops I have taken. 

On another happy studio should be finished today from being painted! YAY! I cannot wait to start moving in!