Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend with The Masters 2010

I am so inpired and ready to work afer spending the weeked in Laguna Beach with some of the finest Master painters around! It was beyond words, but I will try my best to verbalize my experience.
First day I attended a painting demo by one of my favorite painters ~ Richard Schmid. In fact he was part of the reason that I decided to go down in the first place. His demo = Amazing. He has 2 new books out now, a Beautiful landscape one
 and one thats called Alla Prima, Everything I know about painting (pictured above) I purchased the Alla Prima book and it is like candy. I read the first 35 pages quickly and its FULL of some of the  BEST information out there!!!!!
He goes over every question a painter could ever have with some great advice about talent and passion.
The one thing that made me an emotional wreck was when they showed a picture of him as a young kid out in the snow packing his plein air painting supplies, I loved seeing his PASSION at such a young age then to see where he is at today...so powerful.
I then finished the night with a lecture on "Deconstructing Drawing and Painting" from Daniel Graves/ who is an excellent Artist and Founder of the Florence Academy in Italy. We learned how important it is to go from BIG shapes to SMALL shapes and how the BIG view is very important.....and how I sooo wish I was sitting on this floor right now, soaking everything in...In Florence....
Here is a painting of his that he did using a limited color palette. I think he told us that he only used black, white, a red and yellow. Can you believe how many colors he found with only those?
Second Day.....Visited Artists Rob Liberace's Workshop on "Exploring Anatomy through Ecorche Drawing"
Learned alot, we had a live nude male model so I am unable to show pictures of my drawings due to the graphic nature...haha  However this is one of the drawings Rob Liberace did in class.
Third Day.... went to a portrait painting workshop with Carolyn Anderson.

This was her demo below
We focused on LINE, SHAPE,VALUE and COLOR
Lots of information in this class...Filled up almost a whole notebook during entire workshop so I will have to share my notes in individual posts because there are so many of them.
Day four....half day I spent with Artist Marcia Burtt learning about Meaning and Composition
She is an acrylic painter and rocks at composition! These are her works below.
She taught us how to think about what it is we are painting. Why were we drawn to it? What are we  responding to? and how to try and capture the feeling, mood or idea.

On Friday and Sunday I spent my lunch hours in an Art Marketing class by Eric Rhoades
It was filled with some of the BEST information out there. Lectures were short and I left wanting so much more! Hopefully I will be able to track him down if he offers a workshop in the future.

Also went home with a bag full of free stuff.....like sketchbooks, paints, few brushes, pencils and American Artist magazines and then some books, cds and brushes I picked up while there. I will be busy indulging in these!
 I feel so lucky to have been able to go paint with the Masters and to learn some of  their approaches on how to paint. I think there is alot of information out there on Art and it can be quite overwhelming and tiring at times to sort through.
 I am going through a huge learning phase right now and trying to gather and pick and choose what works for me, learning what is my style and how I get there. I've come to realize that there are so many ways to get from point A to B.

Hmmm....wonder what I am doing behind this building??? I will have to tell you later....
Any guesses?


  1. So fun to hear someone so passionate about their art. I was gushing years ago about a ballet workshop or summer intensive program so I "get it". I had no idea they did things like this for painters. How wonderful! Rob's painting really reminds me of Professor Erickson's style don't you think?

  2. thanks for sharing your experience...love that your trying to find your niche, I think you are getting close to finding it. Heaven knows you have practiced enough!

    lets see...WHAT are you doing behind that building??? I could be naughty and say "paying for the trip????" OR because I know better...I think your lost in L.A. cause that's easy to do.

  3. Brenda.....What???!!! Now I am making deals in the alley way to pay for my trip? hahahaha You are hilarious. Actually Molly had a funny guess too but she won't let me publish it, maybe you can talk her into it! ;)

  4. I forgot/plead the 5th LOL!!! Enlighten us SeaShell!

  5. some nude male needing a ride home.......remember???? hahahaha

  6. Shanna knows where to pick up nude males in California too?Whew...you girls!

  7. Hmmm Naked men and painting all weekend and now you want us to guess what you are doing behind the building??? Wow this post has taken so many turns I am lost....my guess is that you are painting a mural to spice up the neighborhood??? Who knows maybe it's naked men!!

  8. Wow Shelly, that was some trip! Can I go next time?? Mimi

  9. Ok now I recall...she was giving the nude model a ride home and decided to do some dumpster diving for "antiques" lol! Still pleading the 5th if that's not it :)

  10. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I hope to make it to Weekend with the Masters someday, maybe next year!