Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Alot of you probably didn't know this but Andy Warhol lived with his mother and alot of Cats! 8,17,25? Nobody can agree on a certain number but all of his friends remember alot of them being around. Andy had produced a few line drawings of cats that he wanted to turn into a book and was looking for a catchy title. Thus the name ~25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy by Andy Warhol. (Although there are only 18 Sams in the whole book.)
The calligraphy inscribing the names of all the cats was done by Julia Warhola, Andy Warhol's mother. The book was one of the first of Warhols books to be bound and it is one of the most brightly colored of all his printed works. It was limited to 190 numbered copies, however he was not very attentive to numbers as he gave several copies of low numbered editions to people he wanted to impress. Each original was hand colored by Warhol. 

sooo.....HOw are These for Studio Cats???? Adorable?! in sort of a creepy cool way I think.
One of my girlfriends bought them and showed them to me and I had to go get me a pair for my studio.
Have to have cats lurking around right?
and of course in our real household we adopted this little cat a few weeks ago from the animal shelter. It was only a month old and had already killed 2 mice! Quite impressive, it made the other cat feel bad I think because its performance and social skills have improved! It's name was Scott, but I think the kids have already renamed it twice!
Ok, Im off to accomplish more important things in life today...like registering and showing up for school, getting kids off to school and organizing and decluttering. Let the busy Fall schedule begin! Happy Cat thoughts!


  1. we named the gray cat Purrrrrcy Pester, because it fits, he purrs non-stop and pesters.

    andys cats are different, kind of simple for a guy that had so many cats.

    love your beaded cats for your studio...that's the best kind.

    good luck...with school, looks like decision has been made! Thats why I say good luck!

  2. ahhh now that cats name makes sense, and fits it purrfectly too! School will be mellow this year....I decided I could swing one Advanced painting class. Getting towards the end of my painting classes, as I only have one more optional one after this one. YOu can tell which part of Art I like first huh?

  3. Those beaded kitties are so funny! Are you doing to name them SAM too?....giggling as I type! I had no idea Andy had so many cats..eek! While you're taking it easy on the class load will you come whip up my piles I didn't get time to tackle and as you know all too well will not until December? xo

  4. oops...forgot to say the NEW kitten is sooo cute!! How fun for Mr. Cat and the kids!

  5. I think everyone needs a cat. Your little pillow ones are adorable. Mimi