Monday, May 24, 2010

Deceased Brushes ?

Well one good thing about Spring cleaning is that you find things you forgot you had. Like hardened paint brushes that you  painfully discover have spent the whole winter outside in the snow and you don't have the heart to throw them away because they were too expensive but you don't know how in the heck you are ever going to revive them. I must of had around 50 or more. I am so bad at cleaning them after use.
Well luckily I remember asking a teacher at school what she does and she told me about this product called Citristrip! So...I soaked my brushes in it for 10 minutes.....ok some took all night but I ended up saving every single one of them! It's truly miraculous!
Look at all these brushese I have back now, just like new and ready to be used. I am so happy to have finally found a product that works. I bought it at Loews and I think Home Depot carries it also.
So don't throw out your hardened brushes there is hope after all and look at all the money you will save!
Brushes are expensive and I cringe everytime I have to purchase them. I would much rather be spending my money on other things.
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