Friday, March 19, 2010

Could Martha Stewart Do This???

Here is the bottom half of my project. It is a lady in a Spring dress and here is her skirt. It only took alot of paper, scissorwork and free flowing creativity.
The top half is almost done then I can reveal it to you in its fullest. I hope you will get a kick out of it, I already had my mother laughing. I had so much fun doing this and even without a crew like Martha, that lucky lady. Now I can only hope it stays in one piece before its due date. I noticed some curious kids checking it out earlier, better go check to make sure that door is locked.


  1. Love the runway music for this's got sassy attitude for sure.
    that had to be so fun to see it fall into place and you must do window displays for the shop real soon, so never sleep....PLEASE!

    Oh my, the little girls would love to get their hands on this dress...lock door, hide key! They love fashion too.

    Since I know the top's the unexpected for sure.

  2. I LOVE it!! So feminine....It looks like it should be in the window at ROses or Dear lizzy. Can't wait to see the top half. MOVE over Martha!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Shelli, it's fantastic, where did your mom get the humor from? It does need to be displayed somewhere. Can't wait to see the top.


  4. I can't wait to see the WHOLE thing {{{hint, hint}}}

  5. Thanks ladies, I absolutely loved doing it and am so happy it turned out. I can't wait to share the other half.....its coming.....very soon!