Monday, February 1, 2010

An Adventurous Quick & Cold Photo Shoot !

So tonight I grabbed my husband and forced him back into the truck after his hard days work to go out on a quick photo shoot with me.
I had driven past this farm for years on my way home and had heard that all these animals had been rescued and cared for by one lady. I decided to stop in tonight and happened to catch her son and he graciously let me in to take pictures! WHoo hoo! Thank you! Thank you!
I laughed the whole time because they were all so curious and just stared at me as they followed me around in a group. Have you ever seen such a thing?
One of the main reasons I went is because I knew they had a Llama.
 Well meet Harmony the llama. She/He walked right up to me and stuck its nose right to my cheek and blew out air. Haha. The owner said that is how it greets people. Well now that I know.... I will have to blow back! and yes this chicken was there but I totally photoshopped it onto the llamas back...A little trick I just learned.

I even got Poo face and Casin the Alpacas to come out for their photo shoot. I just want to hug their cute furry bodies.
and yes I even stepped in Horse feces (thank you Lisa for my new expanded vocabulary :) and goat,chicken,goose,dog,llama feces as well.... forever ruining my new running shoes, but It was all in the name of ART!!! I must Create under any circumstance!!!


  1. It looks like so much fun, glad the children watched from the vehicle...can you imagine the oodles of feces you would of had!
    Love how your playing with photo shop too. great pictures, good memories.

  2. Shellie~Soooo glad that I've got a feces follower. Great minds think~and blog~alike. :)

  3. Holy Cow pie in the sky....are you feeling okay?? I would pay good money to see you wallowing around the barnyard. Ha Ha! I bet the smell was even better than the pictures! You are sooo funny. Love the chicken perched. You need to teach me photoshop!! Fun stuff!

  4. Is this in Bountiful? Looks like it's way out in the country somewhere. My grandpa was a farmer, I've smelled my share of stuff on my shoes! Mimi

  5. That was my thinking too Mimi maybe thats why its such a refreshing novelty being in Bountiful.
    When they come to my home...grandmas house...its ewwww, what's that smell...well its COWS grandchildren...COWS! They are cute too.
    I have to admit you did find a cute bunch of animal friends, your kids are going to want to visit many more times.

  6. This was in BOUNTIFUL, believe it or not! haha One of the few properties around that allow farm land I suppose. I had to go get pics done for an assignment for school but I actually had ALOT of fun doing it. Im dreaming of a farm of my own right now with mini cows, pigs llamas,chickens, sheep and of course Caprese want a horses. Lol

  7. What great photos. Love the llama giving kisses. Very cute. Have a wonderful day!