Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Best Gift in the WORLD that was Ever Given to me.

Exactly 5 years ago my husband and I got a phone call from his dad saying there was a little baby girl that had been born on Christmas day from their side of the family that was being adopted out. I instantly knew that this baby had to come be with our family. I pleaded...(ok and pouted) with my husband for days to please call and see if we could take this baby. I felt heart broke because there was another family lined up to take her but I just know in my heart that she needed to be with us. We got a call three days after she was born at night and was told that we could have her. I can't even explain the feeling I had. Tremendous gratitude, feelings of being so blessed, and ecstatic to have a little girl join our family.

Here are some pictures of her in the hospital with her mother and older sister.

Steve and I drove up to Idaho in a snow storm the minute we got the call and spent the night in a hotel. Stevi's older sister spent the night with us and we both stayed up ALL night playing and loving baby Stevi.

My deepest appreciation and admiration goes out to her mother with whom we stay in contact with. I know this had to be one of the most difficult decisions in her life to do this and I know that it came out of her with so much love for little Stevi. Stevi will always be hers but I am so honored that she has given me the opportunity to raise her. There is nothing I could ever do to repay her in my whole lifetime. I will always be in eternal debt for her giving me this special gift....(.I am bawling my whole way through this entire post! )

Three months later I got pregnant with another little girl that I just know was sent from Heaven to be best friends with Stevi and they love each other so much. They are 11 months apart. Double trouble!

and here was my Christmas gift from Stevi this year...a cute little picture of her that she drew

Stevi has turned out to be such a sweet kind little girl. She is a helper, a go-getter like her older sister Amanda. Spunky, fun and very social. She loves playing with her older brothers and playing dress up with her sister Caprese. She is also fluent in Spanish! I don't know what life would of ever been like without her. I love her so much. She makes our family complete. Happy 5th Birthday dear sweet daughter who I love more then life!!!!

and Thank you to her birth mother who I will always love for changing and blessing my life. :)