Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giving is SO Much Better than Receiving!!!

What a wonderful day!!!Today we got to deliver all the presents that we have been collecting for the Bright Eyes Foundation Christmas project to the families. We had such a fun day playing Santa ! We had alot of volunteers and even brought along the kids for this sweet experience. Special thanks to the Cox family for all of your help with driving and packing bags and bags of toys in!

It was so fun for everyone to go in and place the presents under the tree.

Even funner because the parents were not expecting so much! I guess that's my problem because I always think too big, according to my mother. :)

Even little Caprese was happy to pitch in! Even though she had a hard time not eating all their Christmas candy!

It was a joyful moment to watch the eyes of both the recipients and the givers

and to know it's a life changing moment for everyone.

So many families that could use an extra hand this year

and we were so humbled and grateful to be able to provide some Christmas for them. All of these kids were so excited and hyper after seeing a tree full of presents and were searching for their names as fast as we were putting them down.

I felt that we found the perfect families to donate towards this year and they were so appreciative.

We did have some extra donations that we could not use after we filled our lists and so we donated them to The Toy drive for Hispanic Families in Need. Caprese saw this big pile of shoes when we walked in and immediately took off her purple polka- dotted boots and threw them in the pile. What a giver!

They had several rooms full of toys that were organized by age groups

and today  they were letting families come in to pick out a toy, a pair of shoes and a coat.

It's so nice to see what everyone is doing to help out each other in these times of need. I am so thankful for my friends, my health and  my husband and family for their support. Looking forward to making this a bigger event next year and brightening the eyes of more people!