Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hurry Christmas...Hurry Fast!

Can Christmas just come tonight? Please????? I have a whole house full of hyper kids. It was clean...I promise! My 4 year old decided she needed a short haircut like Mommy's and so snuck in the bathroom and started cutting away. Time to find some major activities. Grandma?


  1. Can't cry over cut hair!
    Or...at least it was in the sink!
    Or...like mother like daughter
    Or...hope Santa doesn't see this!
    Or...do we need a charm with this picture?
    Or...send her to Grandmas...what kind of choice was that?

  2. How cute! These are the things you remember and laugh about when she's 30. She's so cute in any hairdo. Mimi

  3. oh Caprese....gotta love that sassy girl!! She is still so cute...how can you get mad at her. I hope she isn't on the naughty list. I have a feeling things like this have only begun with this little girl I can't wait til she is a teenager!!Happy Holidays!!

  4. It's prob. more like mother like daughter. I rememeber doing this but I think I was a little bit older. :(
    and yes It prob. has only begun with this little stubborn girl. At least she left some long pieces in to cover the short. Oh my!